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The beautiful new scooter is priced at only 21.7 million

Updated: 26 May, 2019 lúc May 26, 2019
(VietQ.vn) - Aprilia Storm 125 is the most affordable scooter in India, competing with TVS Ntorq 125 and Honda Grazia.

Aprilia launched the Storm 125 scooter in India at an introductory price of Rs 65,000 (about 21.7 million VND).

The scooter is available with drum brakes at both wheels. The production model also seems to have a few changes when compared to the first Storm 125 model on display at the Auto Expo 2018. Storm 125 costs about Rs 8,000 less than SR125 at Rs 72,920.

Storm 125 is equipped with 12-inch wheels, paired with drum brakes with CBS. However, it is not yet known whether the company will provide a disc brake model. The production scooter also has other minor changes, such as the Aprilia white logo instead of red.

 Chiếc xe tay ga Aprilia Storm 125 tại Ấn Độ.

Although Aprilia has made many changes, almost certainly to cut costs, but it did not replace Vee rubber tires. These tires are expected to be 120/80 in front and 130/80 in the back. By comparison, SR has 120/70 sport rubber on both ends and has recently moved from Vee Rubber to MRF Nylogrip Zappers. The car also has bold graphics from the model version displayed at the fair.

Meanwhile, the body, equipment and lights are identical to the SR 125. The engine is most likely coming from the same three-valve air-cooling unit, one valve seen on SR 125. On SR, it's Generates 9.5 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 9.8 Nm of torque at 6,250 rpm.

Regarding competition, TVS Ntorq 125 (drum brakes) has much lower prices at 58, 252 (VND 19.5 million) and Honda Grazia (brake drum), priced at Rs 60,723 (VND 20.3 million).

Khanh Hong (according to Autocarindia)